I posted a story on May 23 from a guy who was supposedly scammed.  I have removed the post because I believe it may all have been a lie.  Let me explain...

I like to believe when someone reaches out to me through my blog they are being truthful.  The man behind this story reached out tome on twitter.  He sent a private message.  I am skeptical when someone messages me when they have no Photo of themselves on their profile and only have one follower.  To me this would be a red flag.  

He wrote very nice messages about how much he liked my blog and even tagged the Ellen show on how I should be on it.  We only exchanged a few messages.

This week he sent me a message telling me he thought I was sexy.  (red flag for me).  I responded back "Thank you:".

Next day he sent a message saying the next time he was in St Louis (He supposedly lives in Jolliet, Illinois), if we could meet for dinner.  I politely declined and apologized.

The next day he wrote me and said how he would like to eat my (fill in the blank).  I blocked him right away.

Last night I unblocked him to send a message on how disappointed I was in him and I don't want to hear from him again.  Then re-blocked him.

I started to question the validity of his story he shared with me.  So I decided to move remove it.

I do my best to only post HONEST information here.  I don't want anyone to feel they are being misled.  

My job here to share information to everyone so they don't send money to someone they don't know.

Let's move on!!!!!!!!!!!!