I got an email from a man who had been scammed.  He shared his story with me so I can share it with you.

It does happen to guys.  But this one is a tear jerker.  Here it is...

"Where do I even begin?  My wife left me for a women in 2012, the woman being my sister.  Depression hit hard.  I was alone raising 2 daughters while working nights.  Days seemed to last forever until I found the new love of my life...whiskey.  The whiskey was the only thing helping me fill the void of losing my wife Veronica, but I did not realize at the time it was making me lose the two relationships that meant the most to me; the ones with my daughters.

In 2014 I went to therapy decided to stop drinking and moved on with my life and be there for my daughters.  Still lonely, I decided to try my luck online.  After a few months I met Lindsey, a 28-year-old from Chicago, which is close to where I live.  After messaging for weeks, I asked if she would like to get dinner in the city.  She told me her car broke down and was working a second job to afford the repairs. Feeling bad, I asked how much the repairs would cost ($3,200) and I happily paid for it.   After talking to “her” on the phone, I felt like we were perfect together. I would send her gifts constantly (purses, clothing, perfumes, and cash). After about of year of talking and texting and still not meeting in person, I spent over 15,000 on gifts.  I would constantly ask to meet up for dinner or dates and was always told no with an excuse.

I finally worked the nerve up to drive to Chicago and knock on her door (knowing her address from all the gifts I would send), I showed up with flowers and a pep in my step.  I knocked on her door.  After a few seconds the door opened with my ex wife, my sister and a new “girlfriend” (who I was talking to on the phone)

When the door opened, and I saw my ex-wife, I was confused not fully understanding what was going on until my sister laughed with the woman who I was “talking” to.  The woman not being the same in the many pictures I was sent. I asked what was going on?  My ex wife looked at me knowing I was hurt tried to explain but all I could hear Is my sister laughing and saying thanks for the money.  I immediately left feeling embarrassed and hurt the only way I could handle it was a drink, so I went to the Bar down the street. I have not spoken to my sister or ex-wife since that day.  My ex also lost her relationship with her daughters.  After 2 months of being back on the bottle I went back to AA and got my life in order. I have lost all hope in love, and truly believe I’m meant to be alone."

Being scammed by a stranger is one thing but being scammed like this from someone you know, has hurt so much more. 

I always have a joke to make or something humorous to say, but I can't do that today.  This is just too awful.

So ladies in the Chicago area, if you are looking to meet a nice guy, let me know and I will hook you up with this one.  But I will do a check on you to make sure you are real and believe me, after doing this blog for over 4 years I know what I am doing.

Maybe this is a new gig for me?  Who knows?



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