Now I don't endorse any dating aps, but I saw the lady who created the Bumble Dating Ap on the Tamron Hall Show today.

From my understanding (and don't quote me on this), it's the woman who makes the first move.  I don't know how the guy side of it works but I signed up for the free part just to check it out.  One thing I like, you have to verify your identity and guess how you do that?  It shows a picture that you have to duplicate.  I don't know if they rotate poses but mine was holding my left hand on the side of my face.

Here is their Facebook page link:

Again I don't endorse any of the dating aps but if you want to check this out, please do.  Let me know if you have any luck.  I would love to hear and post post your comments if you like.  

The verification process sounded like this one would be more legit.  But you never know, scammers find a way.