This is a repeater offender.  Yes I think this guys picture was used several times on me.

First is the texting conversation and the when I finally got him to video chat with me.  Of course I knew immediately it wasn't the real guy.



  1. Has anyone had an encounter with this guy who is going by the name of Christopher Alwin? He has initiated a relationship with my mother-in-law. He’s using the oil rig story and just recently said that he was going to be coming in to see her. Ironically he was stopped at the “airport” because he owes millions of dollars in back taxes. He tells her he’s in jail and has court tomorrow. This supposed Chris has a total of 4 Facebook profiles. When I google the name a completely different guy comes up. Both, my husband and I have tried to tell her something is fishy she just get extremely defensive. Any information or feedback will be greatly appreciated.

  2. Do you have a picture. I checked my database and didn't find this name. But these guys change the names all the time.


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