Take a peek and we will chat right after.

The Reversee App worked again.  Of course, as soon as I sent the picture, he blocked me.

This was short but sweet and to the point!


  1. Hi Patsy, i'm glad i found your blog.
    I think i had, almost, into romance scam :(
    My name is Yayah, I'm from Indonesia.
    It happened not long ago. We started conversation on October-December 2020. We met on Tinder around early October 2020 and started exchange phone number and we chatted through Whatsapp. We chatted everyday and had phone called almost everyday. But when i request for video call, he said "it's not the time yet, i want to meet you personally". At that time i didn't find it weird or strange, maybe because i was overwhelmed with everything.
    Let me tell you, i never felt like this before. I am a person who don't easily trust on anybody even to my own family. I'm always wary of everything but strangely, i didn't find it like that with this person.
    And then i found inconsistency on his stories, when i double cross checked it with him, he'd just said he forgot or maybe i heard it wrong.
    I even tried to look his pics that he sent to me with reversed image, and found nothing.
    I never thought about catfishing or romance scamming before. I knew nothing about it at first. It was simply because i am a person who always double check facts/news, analyzing everything even all his pics that he sent to me, i found that day by day this person seems off, but i guess my heart won that day against my head.
    We fought about little things, we argued and back to normal again.
    Maybe i was naive, i don't know..
    What i want to share with you is that, he used not a regular scam story that i read on the internet, and i think he's middle aged, smart because he sometimes gave me advice with my work and what i need to do when i have some problems with my Board of Director. He used psychological tactics with me, played with my guilt to gain what he wanted. He made sure to isolate me from my friend and my family.

    The major red flag is always the same, when he asked me to lend him money, that's when i finally "woke up" and let my head lead the way, not my heart. And i won.

    This people are really cruel and mean.
    How could they play with someone's heart like that.
    They're evil.
    And I hope they will get their Karma.

    Patsy, thank you for your blog, i enjoy reading it :)


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