While in the conversation I called him #5 and I posted #5 and forgot about this one so this is #6. I should have posted this one first and then the other but oh well.   LOL!!

Have I confused you yet?  

Okay, the first part is my complete conversation with Fake Chris #6.  The second one is with his management.  LOL!!

Check it out and we will discuss after.

And now this is the "fake" manager messages.  LOL!!!

I have sent a letter to Wells Fargo along with a copy of this conversation to show them the account numbers I was given. I also forwarded it to the FBI.  When this happened before I forwarded it to the FBI and they said the first thing Wells Fargo will do is close the account.

Guess what?  I have another Chris Evans on the line.  Wow!!  Why can't it be the real one.  :)