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My 11 minute conversation with a scammer

Yes 11 minutes and he played along.  It was hilarious.  He was very nice.  I had a great time with him.
Maybe I do need to do a radio show.  Hmm.  Add that to the list.


My recorded conversations with more scammers - Friday Night has been very busy for me.

You want to know how I record my conversations with scammers? Well here's how

This is a very quick video on how I record my conversations with scammers.  I have way too much fun with this.
How I record conversation with scammers

Illuminati Brotherhood - Sounds like a cult or something from Stargate SG-1

Yeh, this is a really short one but I thought worthy of posting because I never got a message like this before.  Maybe I should have played a long longer but I didn't feel it and wanted to shut it down quickly.  Maybe it sounded creepy to me?

Another fun conversation with a scammer

This was a guy from Instagram.  Actually got him to talk more than the others.  I hope the sound comes through.
Morris left me a message.

"This is my real account"

Yeh right.  Now this one is really short.  It's like a lot of them I have been getting on Instagram.  With so many I have had to zap some right away.  Still fun.

"I want to be your sugar momma"

Yes I said that.  I had fun with this one.  Again going in a different direction.  Changing things up.  Got to be creative with these guys.  

At the end is a recording of my conversation with Fake Johnny.


Instagram has been hopping.  Not all stories are getting posted, just the stand out ones.  Most are very short.  But I do save their pictures for the Liars Wall of Disdain.

"But how can your late husband look like me?"

I changed it up a little on this one.  Since I had previous pictures of this poor guys pictures being used by other scammers.  I think I need to shake things up a bit sometime.  And I did.

Now back to my other "boyfriends".

3 short videos of me talking to scammers - very short

Very short conversations just so you can hear their voices.
Video #1
Video #2
Video #3

Check them out.


Yeh, right.  LOL!!!
Prince Andrew of England wanted to make me his Princess but first I had to make a donation.  You know the rest.
Check it out:

So now I won't be a Princess.  LOL!!!!

4 Avengers down - 2 to go - Chris Evans Scammer

Yes I have had 4 of the Avengers so far.  Though they are fake.  But I'm still counting.  LOL!!
Now, when you read this there is one screen shot you may not understand.  I have a subscription to the White Page online.  "Chris" gave me an address in Detroit to send my "donation" too.  So I did a search on the address and that is what came up.
I also emailed the local police department and the FBI of this.  
So now, for your reading pleasure...

Now any Chris Evans fan knows, he would never ask a fan for money.  So don't send it!!!!!!!!!!