Last year I had an idea to spread the news about my blog.  I am a huge fan of Ellen DeGeneres and love her show.  So I thought since everyone watches her show, it would be a great platform for me to talk about my blog on her show and share my stories and good information I've collected the last several years.
I've sent packages and letters to her and her producer to get their attention.  And I will continue.  But...
Now here is where I need your help.  I started a petition last year and would like to get more signatures.  I have also composed a letter to send to various places in St Louis.  (See attached below)
I ask  that if you like my blog, to please sign my petition.  And share it with everyone you know.
If you have any suggestions on other stuff I should try please email me.

You Tube Channel:

Thank you so much for reading and keep coming back!!  I always have a story to share!