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"Am crying right now Suzanne."

Really?????????? I don't know so.  This is a long one and was waiting for the right moment to "Reversee App" him. Well as soon as he asked when the last time I had sex was (though I could have played with him more) I posted the results of the app.  And then the fun begins.  Some just block you right away, others argue with you.  Crying boy argued. Enjoy the read!!!

BOOM! He blocked me!!!

LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!  Pardon me while I laugh for a moment.  This cracked me up.  Okay I'm done laughing.  For now. So when dear Kelvin contacted me, I was going to play the sad widow (which I do a lot), but tonight I decided to come in for the "kill" sooner.  hehehehehehehehehehehe!  Okay, I needed to laugh again.  I'm sorry. So after a few words I change from the lonely widow to the sarcastic bitch.  Read on my friends.

So poor Kelvin.   He messed with the wrong "Widow" NEVER SEND MONEY TO SOMEONE YOU DON'T KNOW!!!