"Okay, so this one was different?"

So many twists and turns on this on.  You may need a scorecard.  Okay, let me try to explain this one.

I went on Plenty of Fish (POF) and saw this guy on there who I knew was a scammer from the past, twice.  (I couldn't find all my photos from previous conversation. Damn!!)

Anyway, so I sent a flirt and the conversation went from there.  Of course it moved to Hangout like they always do.  And this is long.  You may need to go the bathroom before you start reading.  Now let me give the cliff notes so hopefully you can follow along.

Okay, so Cal is the dad.  He supposedly lives in Arnold but travels.  His son is Ryan and lives with Cal's mom in Germany.  Cal fell in love with me right away and of course so did I (LOL).  He wants me to be Ryan's new mum.  Of course I said yes.  He has Ryan contact me through hangouts.  Ryan and I chat.  I want to buy Ryan a gift.  He wants a new laptop.  So I offer to send the money.  Ryan's Grandma gives him account info from a friend so I can send the money.  Ryan sends me the information.  I tell him I will send it.  I wait several days.  Then I tell him I sent it (which I didn't). He says grandma need a copy of the receipt.  Then... in the middle of my conversation with Cal I take another look at his POF profile and it's a different picture but most of the info is the same.  Then in the middle on a conversation with Ryan it looks like Cal wrote and got confused as to which account he was using.

Whew!!!  Ok, you got that?  If not, read below.

Here is my conversation with Cal.


Okay, now here is conversation with Ryan.  Are you ready?


Okay, did I lose you?  I almost lost myself.  LOL!!!

Thanks for reading and keep coming back. AND...