This was a weird one!

So tonight I was conversing on google hangout with a guy who is in the army and on a peace keeping mission...

Anyway, He made mention of some of the guys who follow me on Instagram.  Asking if I am talking to anyone else.  I never thought much of it.  But after the conversation was done for the night, I went to his Instagram page and checked to see who he was following.  Well he was following 5 of my friend (real friends).  That bothered me.  Never had anyone do this before (Or else I never thought to check).  Well I messaged my friends and sent them a screen shot and told them to block him.  I'm not Patsy on Instagram and never post my personal photos on there.

Anyway this is a new tip.  If you converse with these goofballs, check out who they follow.  And if they follow your friends, BLOCK BLOCK BLOCK.  And tell your friends too.

I always learn something new.



  1. Hi Patsy! Wow :( I just last week learned the same thing about Facebook. I'd never thought about it before, but now I've changed my Facebook settings so that only my current friends can see who is in my Friends list.

    I'm hoping that will stop the scammers who try to contact me from sending Friend requests to my friends, and also prevent them from sending me Friend or Messenger requests from an account that pretends to be one of my friends.

    PS: I love your blog! I've very recently started doing a similar thing, and it's both comforting and encouraging to stumble upon someone else who is into exposing these creeps. :)

  2. Thanks so much! I enjoy doing this!!! Keep coming back!!!


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