Beware of selling stuff online

I am sure you probably are aware the scammer are everywhere.  Even when you are selling stuff online.

I may have shared a story before but this one I didn't shut down right away.  I took it further.

So I have a consignment business on the side.   I posted a friend's entertainment center on an app called Offerup.  I deleted the conversation too quick to remember to screen shot it.

Now, as soon as anyone tells you, (especially on a selling site) when they want to talk to you via text or hangouts, it's a scam.  But I played along.  And when they say
I'll have my assistant contact for deliver" RUN AWAY! FAR AWAY!

So being the scammer catcher that I am, I continued.  I'll let you read the dialogue and then I'll tell you the rest.






So what I did was give them the address of St. Louis Police Headquarters downtown.  They also sent me fedex info which I will post below from the fedex website. It doesn't show it was delivered though in his message he says they did.

Well I also emailed this info to my contact at the St. Louis FBI.  (Yes I have a contact at the FBI).  I haven't heard back from her but sent her all this info.

Now as you can see after I tell them their package is at Police Headquarters I never hear back from them.  Imagine that?  LOL!!!

This isn't the first time I've had someone try a stunt like this, but being the wise scammer catcher that I have become, I know not to fall for it.

Here is the fedex info.  Remember don't fall for this stuff.

Got questions about scammers?

Email me.




  1. I'm still confused... if the scammer is buying something from you and sending YOU money then how does he plan on scamming you?

  2. They check isn't any good. It will bounce like a rubber ball. In the meantime you deposit it and have the movers come and get the furniture. Then the check bounces and the furniture is already gone. You're of out money from the movers and bad check fee. Sorry, I should have mentioned that in my post.

  3. Happens all of the time, if you advertise on craigslist, or the like. I have them send check to me. At least I can cost them the cost of sending that.

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