"Dr Mark Richmond - Note: Send Dr. Mark to Photo Shop Class"

Yeah so right away you can tell his pictures are fake. Terrible at photo shopping.  And of course the Reversee App strikes again/  Thanks Candi!!!!!!  Ladies - download this app immediately.

Now Dr. Mark wanted to video chat but I didn't accept them at first.  Then when I want to video chat, he wouldn't answer.  Says he can't.  Now five minutes earlier he wanted too.  Scammer!  Make up your mind!

And now for your reading pleasure, please read our lovely conversation.  And remember,





  1. MY NAME IS KATHY I HAVE READ THE CHATS ABOVE. THIS CHAT SOUNDS WHY TO FAMILAR!!!!!! I have been chatting with a guy on hangouts and for months now he has been asking for money. And my I have recently discovered the CHRISTIAN CIOCAN SCAM. and this guy claims of be CHRISTIAN WILLIAMS with a 16 or old son. I done some research and everything that I have found out about this guy has leadme to believe he is the same person chatting on thistles platform. . Seriously I do not know his real name but I am curious to know. So please if you have any information please reply me .

  2. Do you have a picture of him so I can see what I can find on him.


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