"Chris Pratt #5. He wants to marry me."

Yes it's true.  LOL!!  This one was hilarious.  I was prepared a little more this time.  But in this conversation I was asked something I have never been asked before.  See if you can guess.  I'll tell you after the screen shots of the conversation.


Did you figure out what he asked for that I had never been asked before?  I know you know.  Yes it was where he wanted my twitter name and password.  LOL!!  Dude I work in the IT dept.  That is something you share with no one.

And I knew Chris was dating Arnold Schwarnegger's daughter.  So I got a screen shot to send it just at the right time.

All these fake Chris Pratt's just love me so much.  LOL!!!

New tip:  Never give out your password information.  NEVER!!!!!