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"So are you on a peace keeping mission too?"

Yep I really did ask that.  The conversation didn't last long until he blocked me.  I basically told him his life story.

I don't think these bonehead realize that we love our military in the US.  And when these scumbags impersonate them, it is sooooooooooo wrong!!!!.  Which is why we have to stop them.

As I always so never send money to someone you don't know.

So now, I would like to introduce you to Jordan Mike 7665.  And after the conversation I have something I'd like to share with you all of you.

Okay, so when I get ones of these fools, I create a folder on my computer and file all the conversations there.  So I thought I would share with you what my folder looks and how big it has gotten.

This is all of them.  Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"I love the Reversee App on my phone!"

When it works, it is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay so last night a dude contacted me on Instagram.  Right away I saved his picture and uses the Reversee App on my phone.  And he came up!!!!!!!!!   And he was listed as a scammer!!!  YES!

The hilarious part?????  As soon as I sent the picture about a minute later he blocked.  LOL!!!

To quote Hannibal from the A-Team, "I love it when a plan comes together."

I highly encourage you to download the app on your phone.  IT'S FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


"Dick Dickerson, I mean Richard"

Okay so this guy couldn't get his story straight.  When we first spoke he said one thing and when we chatted again I am thinking he thought I was someone else and his story had changed.  Check it out.  There will be quiz after.  :)

So did you see his goof ups?  I did goof about his son living with a friend in Ghana but really?  Why aren't the kids together?  Why Why Why???  LOL!!!

"Kelvin the Liar" - But aren't they all?

A few weeks ago I learned about a really cool app from my friend Candi.  It's called Reversee.  It's free on your iPhone.  What it does is when you save a picture on your phone and you open the app and pull in the picture you want in there.  What it does it search the internet for this picture or others that look like the person.  It could show you their facebook, twitter etc.  Well I tried this a couple of times and it didn't find anyone.  BUT WAIT... It work this this time and just at the right moment I through the screen shots in on what I found.  Enjoy!!

Ladies (and guys) download this app!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Chris Pratt #5. He wants to marry me."

Yes it's true.  LOL!!  This one was hilarious.  I was prepared a little more this time.  But in this conversation I was asked something I have never been asked before.  See if you can guess.  I'll tell you after the screen shots of the conversation.

Did you figure out what he asked for that I had never been asked before?  I know you know.  Yes it was where he wanted my twitter name and password.  LOL!!  Dude I work in the IT dept.  That is something you share with no one.
And I knew Chris was dating Arnold Schwarnegger's daughter.  So I got a screen shot to send it just at the right time.
All these fake Chris Pratt's just love me so much.  LOL!!!
New tip:  Never give out your password information.  NEVER!!!!!

"Why won't you take the picture I ask for?????"

They never want to take the picture I ask for.  What a shocker.

"My first Russian"

Yes, and I didn't waste time on him.  Because of Johnny Depp of course.  LOL!!!.

"Johnny Depp and I are in love"

NOT!!  Johnny Depp contacted me.  This conversation is kind of long and alittle boring.  Same old, hello, how are you, did you sleep well.  blah blah blah.  LOL!

Well here is our conversation.

He wanted me to make an appointment through his assistant.  That's a first.  LOL!!!