Chris Pratt wanted me to send him an iTunes gift card. Can you believe it? Yeah right!

Yes, Chris Pratt contacted me today.  Can you believe it?  I was so excited.  And if you believe that I have some swamp land I would like to sell you.

So I think it was yesterday on Facebook I follow Chris Pratt.  By now everyone should know that Chris Evans and Chris Pratt are my cougar crushes.  He posted something about proposing several years ago as a joke to a director I think from the marvel movies.  The guy finally responded back no.  Well all the girls were posted to Chris saying I'll marry you.  And so did I.  Why not?  It's all fun.

Well today I stayed at work late and I got a message request on messenger from Facebook, so of course I accepted it and we started a conversation.  First red flag, "why would Chris Pratt contact me?"  I am not putting myself down at all.  I'm a totally awesome gal but really?  Second red flag when I click on his picture to see his profile that wasn't an option.  So I knew I had a hot one.  And I was ready.  Glad nobody was in my office because I howled as the conversation started.,

So are you ready?????????  Here is the conversation, first in messenger then google hangout.  I blocked a couple of things on there so if you see a blue box over text that what's it is.  I got a free fake cell number through an app and that is the number I used trying to get him to call me.  The other is my google hangout name.








Ellen - if you reading this, please have Chris Pratt on your show when you have me!!!!!