A good story to tell...

Okay so yesterday morning I checked my phone and saw I had a Facebook messenger message.  So I click on it and it's from a girl I used to work who is retired.  Messenger asked if I wanted to accept her request.  So I did.  As soon as I saw the time it was sent I knew it wasn't really her.  (We have been Facebook friends for several years).  So I played a long and decided to ask a question that I knew wasn't true to see what this person would say.  Here is the conversation.  Please note that I covered up her name and picture to keep her identify out of it.

And now, our feature presentation...


I didn't talk to Mary on the phone but I did message and sent a screen shot.  Later I went to her Facebook page and another girl had gotten a message as well.  My friend Mary responded back and said she was hacked and apologized.  I told her not to worry.  This is my specialty.   :)




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