First one of 2018...Here we go...

First off, Happy 2018!!!  The fakers and scammers haven't taken a break.  They are in full swing.  I think in the last week, between Instagram and Twitter I've had about eight guys contact me.  LOL!!  No worries because I am on FULL alert.

I know a while back I had read and shared with you all to see if they are real to ask them to take a picture of themselves holding up 3 fingers.  Well now I ask them to hold a sign up with today's date on it.  Of course none of them do it.

Today's contestant, is impersonating a Major General in the Marines.  If you google him you will find out stuff about him.

Below is our conversation.  And I tried something new this time.  :)  See if you can see what I did.


Joe OSterman 1

Joe OSterman 2


Okay, first thing I did was I didn't mess around, I went in for the kill right away.  After a few messages I could tell in the language he wasn't real.

Second thing I did was lie about knowing someone in the Marine Corp to contact about him.  As you can see he immediately blocked me.  This conversation didn't last long at all.

I did email someone at an marine address to tell them about the fake twitter profile especially since this man is highly ranked.

I know I am the perfect target for these scammers.  I fit their profile.  Just to remind you of what they look for:

  • Older women who are single

  • Those who seem unattractive (Which I am NOT)

  • On the Heavy side (As my grandmother would say, "More to love")

  • Lonely (NOT ME)

  • Desperate (NOT ME)

Anyone who knows me knows I am not lonely or desperate.  I am older, but I am gorgeous and I am on the heavy side but I like me just the way I am.

So if you are reading this, and you think you feel like you are lonely and desperate and don't feel good about yourself?  DON'T FEEL LIKE THAT!  You are a wonderful person and the right guy will come along.  Never let anyone make you feel anything less.

And of course my #1 piece of advise is...