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"I work for Ford. Wait I'm in the Army"

Well which is it?  Yes this is today's story.  As soon as he messaged me I went on facebook and found him.  Well not him but the person's who's identity he was borrowing.  I did send the real guy a message to let him about the Instagram dude.
I took a picture from the facebook page and sent it to him.  I didn't get a response about it right away not until I asked.  That's when the lying really kicks in.
And now for your viewing pleasure, please meet Geoffrey the Jerk.

And that's today's story.  Stay tuned.  I am sure there will be more to follow.  :)

Stargatelady Swag

When I started this blog it was to tell my crazy stories, so I created a card I could hand out and pass around etc.  Then I thought I could do pens.  Then bumper stickers and then I did a hat.   Then I created notepads.
I wear the hat when I don't want to do my hair or if I am going somewhere to plug my blog I wear it.  Sometimes I wear it just for fun.  This is my old logo from when I used blogspot.  I plan to do a new one with my new colors.
The bumper sticker is also from the old blog and I will be creating a new one.
The pens and cards I hand out everywhere.  A waitress told me they love pens so I always leave a pen card when I pay the bill.
I recently got a Cricut machine because I wanted to make a t-shirt for me to wear.  Well I found this jacket at Walmart and thought I'd put my logo on the back and on the front.  I wear it everywhere.
The picture of everything is below.

If you want a FREE bumper sticker, a pen or a notepad I will be happy to mail them to you at no cost to yo…

A Stargatelady Quickie!

Yes it was quick.  A Stargatelady Quickie is when I don't pretend to carry on the conversation.  First question out of the gate is to ask for the picture.  And that's I did.

Then a few days ago I got a hello from a guy and I did the Stargatelady Quickie.  He blocked me right away.  I am having way too much fun!!


Welcome Jayson to the web of the stargatelady!

Okay, this is Jayson.  He is a liar and a scammer and admits somewhat guilt in the last post.  Please read...

And now, this is a close up of the picture he sent me.  You can tell it's photo shopped.

So don't ask them for this, take the advice of a lady I read about on Pinterest.  Have them take their picture holding up 3 fingers.

Liars Wall of Disdain updated - 1/19/18

I've updated this.  I didn't realize it's been a while since I added pictures.

Now remember, these pictures are real people who have had scammers and liars steal their pictures from the internet and use them.

And remember ask that one question that will tell you if they are real or fake.

And now, the Liars Wall of Disdain!

He told me to "F" off! Wah!!!

Well this one went quick.  It seems when you ask the AWESOME question "Can you take a picture of yourself  holding up a sign with today's date on it?"  Here are the responses I get when I ask this question.

"I can't right now, but I will later hon"
Why?  Why should I do that?"
"We're not allowed cameras when we're deployed"
They block me right away
NEW:  They tell you to F off.  LOL!!!

Some of you may be saying this one doesn't sound like a scammer.  But from my experience (and research) when they start off with compliments like this, they are fake.

So allow me to introduce you to:  Rupert David.

He will be added to the Liars Wall of Disdain.  And I checked my wall and he is already there in this same picture.  I knew I saw him before.  I love it when I'm right.  :)


Victor from Barcelona

Ole!   Okay, so I've decided not to play around and just come in the for the kill.  My standard question "Can you take a picture of yourself holding up a sign with today's date on it" has really taken off.  Either I get block right away or they want to argue.  Victor from Barcelona wanted to argue.  And that's okay.

First one of 2018...Here we go...

First off, Happy 2018!!!  The fakers and scammers haven't taken a break.  They are in full swing.  I think in the last week, between Instagram and Twitter I've had about eight guys contact me.  LOL!!  No worries because I am on FULL alert.
I know a while back I had read and shared with you all to see if they are real to ask them to take a picture of themselves holding up 3 fingers.  Well now I ask them to hold a sign up with today's date on it.  Of course none of them do it.
Today's contestant, is impersonating a Major General in the Marines.  If you google him you will find out stuff about him.
Below is our conversation.  And I tried something new this time.  :)  See if you can see what I did.

Okay, first thing I did was I didn't mess around, I went in for the kill right away.  After a few messages I could tell in the language he wasn't real.
Second thing I did was lie about knowing someone in the Marine Corp to contact about him.  As you can see he immediately blo…