While I was on vacation...

I meant to post that I would be out of town for a week and forgot.  I just got back from Disney World with my daughter.  We had a great time.

Anyway, while I was gone I got an email from an oldie (someone who has contacted me the past).  Paul Skroch.  He emails me a link to click on.  Now what is my rule about this clicking on links from someone you don't know?  DON'T CLICK ON THEM!!  Right!!!  So I just deleted it.

Now for something new.  The picture below is from one guy.  He keeps changing his name on his profile with a new picture and clicking the meet me button for me.  I think he's done this about 10 times.  I finally messaged him once and said I wasn't interested and I know he keeps changing his name and picture.  Well he responds back that he is married and doesn't know what I'm talking about.  LOL!   I didn't respond back but blocked him. 

Anyway he is a player so if you run across him on the sites, ignore him. 


  1. He's tried to contact me, but I'm not interested. he's not really that good looking. If he's going to be a poser he should at least have a picture of a better looking guy! lol

  2. So I'm not the only one. Glad to hear that. LOL!!!!

  3. He recreates his profile at least ten times a day. I think he must click "Yes" on every woman. When I messaged him to stop, he called me a whore. Then he says he wants to meet me again, and again, and again, and again....


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