This weekend's newest liar

You know, you have to laugh.  Just when I think nothing is going to happen, BANG!  I get a "meet me" from POF admirer.  LOL!!  I will post the conversation below.  I hope it's readable.

As you read it, you will see errors in his stories.  Especially when I call him on it several times and continues to go on.

Now the funniest part about this is, these pictures have been used before by someone else who was in contact with me.  LOL!!!  I recognized the one picture right away.  You gotta laugh.  His pictures are below as well.

  LOL!  Enjoy!


  1. I don't think any of these guys are actually in the military. I don't even think I would converse with them if they messaged me. One of those guys you had in that group of pictures ( non military )tried contacting me again. I just blew him off didn't even respond. lol .. I recently talked to a " real" guy. We conversed for a couple of weeks. He was ok at first, but after talking a lot during that time,I just wasn't feeling it. We made plans to meet in person. He asked me if I wanted to go with him to take some money to his daughter for prom. I told him no that wasn't a good idea just meeting him and he got a little attitude about it. Like that's just common sense. You don't meet people and go with them that soon. He had told me his last name so I checked him out on Mo Great tool by the way. Found out he had a lot of financial problems before. I messaged him and told him I didn't think we were a match. Fortunately, he was cool about it. He actually said happy fishing!

  2. I'll have to add to my list when I check guys out. LOL!!!

  3. Make sure to type in Missouricasenet. Com

  4. Oh ..that websites just Missouri only. Not sure if every state has one of those sites.


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