Part 2 of tonight's conversation

Here is the continued conversation.  Interesting how he tries to explain himself.

Sam:  S: Have you got back now. or you still busy now ? 

PATSY:  Hello


SAM:   opez: I think you have go and pick your daughter now


PATSY:  I already did.  My pies are cooking in the oven


SAM:  : Oh that's very  great   I hope is your daughter doing well ?

PATSY: she is.  some of her friends are over

PATSY so what time is where you are?

SAM:  Thank God

PATSY do you have a picture of you in your uniform?


SAM:  : Yes, I have it  and do you also have  pictures of you ?

PATSY:   All of my pictures are on POF

SAM:  : Oh okay

PATSY:   Send me one of yours in your uniform.  You know us girls can't resist a man in uniform


SAM:  : I am about to put on my uniform and take some of me out side in our base and send to you now..

SAM:  : Can't you also take some with your phone and send to me here

PATSY:  so will they do anything special for you all tomorrow?  (Actually it is tomorrow for you already). 


SAM:  : It was morning here now.. and what says your time there also now ?


PATSY: It is 9:10 p.m. here. 


SAM:  : Oh I see

SAM:  : anything special like what do you think ?

PATSY:  Don't you know what tomorrow is?


SAM:  : I know that tomorrow is Thanks Giving  right

PATSY: Yes.  Do they make a special meal for you all?

PATSY: Does your family live in St. Louis?  Do you have any brothers or sisters?


SAM:  : Yes, they did but not that much special like yours but is cool


SAM:  : I have lost whole of my family. so now I am alone


PATYS: Can I ask you a question?


SAM:  : Yes, please you can ask me anything you want

PATSY:  Are you really in the army?  Your story sounds like seven others I've heard on POF.  I don't like guys posing as our hard working military.

SAM:  Of course. I am in the Army since my kid time till now.

SAM:  : I hate lies and games in my life.

 SAM:  : sometimes some people pretend trying to spoil our working name.. 

SAM:  : I think you have to be very careful for yourself.

sam • 9 mins

The way you write doesn't sound like an American.

SAM:  : Is not allowed for us to even joined any online dating site...

SAM:  : Yes, my I was born in Italy and grow up in Fenton.

SAM:  : I am not much perfect in English..

PATSY:  But your name is Hispanic and not italian


SAM:  : It was Italian.. Lopez was a Latino name


( What high school did you go to here?

SAM: Fenton High School in Bensenville IL

SAM:  : And you ?

SAM:  : The network is very bad

 ( St. MAry's


SAM:  : Oh that's very good

 ( Where is Bensenville?  I thought you from Fenton, MO


SAM:  : I want a serious honest person who is truthful to build a Trust issues with and  share the rest of my life with.

SAM:  : Yes,that was Louis



  1. Scammers are totally lost when you ask them where they are from in the states and what High School. Just ask them the teams mascot as well. They will all say they went to a private military school. Problem is that is they do list a school its several starts away.
    This one has terrible writing skills as well.


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