My New Year's Message to you!

Happy New Year!

Year in Review Video

I have moved this blog to Word Press!!!

WAH! He blocked me!!!!

New bumper stickers

He can't even spell "his" name right?

I received a thank you today!!!

He told me I was beautiful!!!! LOL!!!!!!

A wonderful lady sharing her story with me.

Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!!!!

New Story of a Scammer from KSDK Channel 5

Another Chris Evans Scammer - Is gullable tattoed on my forehead - LOL!!!

ARGH! Captain Joe Morgan!!!!!!!

Today's catch


Chris Evans # 3. Will the real Chris Evans please stand up

Please take my survey

Woman scammed out of $350,000 by imposter ‘US Army general’ who romanced her from Syria


And I know you're gay

Today's contestant on "Try to Fool the Stargatelady" is: Sylvester Muller

I posted a video!

Taking a break from online dating

A scammer got sentenced to 15 years in prison!! Yeh!!!!!!!!

A new tip

Allow me to introduce you to David Bob Jones

October 8 - my one year anniversary for blogging

Sign the petition to try and stop online scammers

Survey results

New facebook page on Military Romance Scammers

I am pleased to introduce you to my new co-hort on catching scammers