I received a thank you today!!!

I am so touched.  I received a facebook messenger message from a lady who ready my blog and thanked me for it.  I have copied her messages to me below. 

Hello Patsy - Thank you very much for your Stargate Lady blog. I was contacted by Paul Laub today, and found your story soon thereafter. My reply to his email was to copy-and-paste his oil rigger story to you. I am certain he will be blocking me on POF shortly, but his name on that site is now JA97230. Also, the picture I have attached is the one from his POF page. In any case, I appreciated reading through your blog! Smiles
My response: 
Thank you so much I’m so glad that my blog was able to help someone would it be OK if I just copied your story I won’t use your name but I just want to Your story so that people can see it at that I help people
Her response:
Actually, "Paul" and I did exchange a few more emails before he finally blocked me. Something is really wrong....either he isn't English as a first language, or maybe just not very bright - he couldn't write in complete sentences. At one point he started talking about himself in the third person. He was hurt/upset/angry with me for "not being a real person". He assumed I was someone he had emailed before, because he recognized his own words. At first denied, then quickly admitted he had written them. Anyway, I think I would have figured things out quickly on my own, but I am glad I found your blog.
Thank you so much for writing me.  I am glad to hear I am helping.  :)