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Okay, so I have a suggestion if you are on the site Plenty of Fish (POF).  Okay there is a meet me feature.  When you click yes it sends a message to the person picture you clicked it on.  Please read the profile first before clicking yes.  I had 2 guys this week click the meet me button and didn’t view my profile.  So I viewed theirs and responded back.  So I checked the next day.  They read my message, looked at my profile and the nothing.  LOL!!  It’s a good thing I don’t take it personally. 

I am going to review some tips I gave in my earlier blogs and add some more.  These are my opinion only. 

1.   Guys:  Post better pictures of yourselves.  You are trying to show the girls what a great guy you are so show it.  SMILE!!  Now keep your shirts on.  Yeah you have a nice body but leave a little mystery there.  And don’t post pictures of you with old girlfriends or who look like they could be an old girlfriend or wife.  (If they aren’t, state who they are in the picture).  Smiles!!  And don’t post pictures of your kids.  It’s nice to see you with them but in this day and age don’t do it.  And post several pictures of yourself.  Most importantly, SMILE!!!

2.   Ladies:  If you get their full name, google them.  Be a detective.  Do your research or as much as you can.

3.   Guys and gals:  Never give out bank account information or wire money or send anything to someone you don’t know!!  They are a scammer if they ask you for stuff and you’ve never met them.

4.   If all they want to do is text or email, don’t waste your time.  Chances are they aren't even from your city.


  1. Hi,
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